Current WIP projects which I’m either actively working on, or working on once in awhile, or just brainstorming and thinking about. 

Active Projects:

  • A co-op / solo puzzle game. (Personal Solo project)
    • Platformer style side scrolling
    • It’s a game where you have 4 characters, or can play it in co-op with 3 other people, a party of 4.
    • no name for the project yet.
    • working in UNITY (2D)
      • Scripting in C# 
    • gameplay will be similar to games where you can either co-op with other people and each have a separate character, or have multiple characters to switch between. 
      • Primary inspiration was an old game for Sega Genesis: The Lost Vikings 
        • In that game you had 3 vikings as your characters you could switch between. Each had something special about it. Had to use all 3 to get through puzzles and stuff. Very fun game.
      • More modern and really popular example would be Trine
        • you have either 3 characters you can switch between or can co-op with 3 people total
          • mage, thief and a warrior go on an adventure. Different skills and utilities.
  • A side scrolling puzzle game (Team project)
    • Can’t disclose any further detail except for the fact that I’m the AI programmer / designer and encounters designer. In other words, it’s up to me to make enemies fun and challenging while also being fair. It’s a great experience and I’m learning a lot from this project.
    • Working in Game Maker Studio 2.0




Semi-active projects:

  • Small random projects to get better at game dev.


Projects on hold:

  • A puzzle adventure exploration game set inside a school
    • (D&S)
    • You play as a member of this secret club and have to go through and solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles and mysteries in order to prove your worth to other members of the club and be allowed to stay in the club.
  • Ludum Dare 39 entry modification and further development to release it.
    • since I got pretty decent feedback and rating of my Ludum Dare 39 entry, I’ve decided to complete it and release it. Unfortunately life got in the way and I didn’t have time to finish the planned changes to the game. I have a list of suggested changed waiting to be implemented when I have time followed by a release of the game.
  • A large scale open world ever growing (generated) traveling and adventure game.
    • no further details will be disclosed at this time.
  • One of the semi active projects I’m working on is a text based adventure game (a.k.a. Interactive Fiction)
    •  I had an idea for this game for a long time, ever since I started Computer Science, however, not in a single class yet I’ve learned what I feel like I need to know to make this project happen. I attempted it in multiple languages multiple times, but not once a success. I’m testing out different tools and while the project is pretty much on hold and I’m just looking over tools and tutorials to make it happen, it’s a project I really wish to finish and one day I will finish it.


Projects in phase of brainstorming:

  • A side scrolling puzzle game.
    • Currently an active project (see active projects)
  •  Action platformer game.
    • This game will tie into the text based game’s story, it’ll be a prequel to the text based game. 
  •  Puzzle game with ciphers for the website.
    • On hold, but would be cool
  •  Another text based game (Interactive Fiction)
  • Project inspired by a class assignment.
    • In class we discussed many different simulations of networks, logic, road, neuron, etc. I got inspired by that and decided to start brainstorming on a simulation like program capable of sustaining itself and non stop running.
      • Thinking to make a road network simulation which I can expand later and just have it running for fun. 
        • Simple car AI which randomly decides if it’s going straight, turning right or left on stop lights. Sees if it’s safe to turn, waits for green light.