Hello visitor, allow me to introduce myself. I am Vasiliy UlinAs of now, I’m 24 years old, studying computer science at University of Iowa, pursuing Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

I am interested in game development, it is a feeling of pure satisfaction when you make even a small game yourself and it works. I wish to work on game development as my profession. I am passionate and most interested in learning and programming / creating AI for games and designing the encounters.


My knowledge and experiences include

  • Programming languages:
    • Java (From classes, not proficient but very good knowledge and understanding of)
    • Python (From classes, not proficient but very good knowledge and understanding of. Have not used it in a long time)
    • MIPS (From a class, not proficient but decent knowledge and understanding of)
    • C# (from Unity mostly, not proficient but very good knowledge and understanding of)
    • C++ (From helping a friend with his projects and assignments for classes and helping him debug the code. Not proficient but good knowledge and understanding of)
  • Personal experiences:
    • Most of my personal experience comes from Game Development in Game Maker Studio using GML (Game Maker Language) and also Unity using C#.
      • GML: (Game Maker Language)  is a programming language, or to be more precise it’s an Interpreted Scripting Language. While slower than C++ and Java, it’s a decently flexible and powerful language.
      • I never use Game Maker Drag and drop, simply because actual programming gives more flexibility and options.
      • You can read more about my experiences in Game Development using Game Maker Studio on the GameJams page (here) and on the Personal Projects page (here) 
      • Unity: Unity, like most Game Engines, utilizes C# scripting, so I quickly got a hang of scripting in C#. Having experience in Java, C# syntax isn’t that much different from the already familiar to me Java.
  • Other life skills and additional experiences include (You may read more about these further down on this page):
    • self taught 3D Modeling (Haven’t done any 3D modeling in many years…)
    • wood working
    • metalworking


I’ve been making it through life following my credo- “I may lose, I may fail, but I will not give up”.

In my free time I like to play new games, observe the AI behavior and the mechanics of the game and learn from observations I make. As of now, I’m working on a game project, a collaboration with my friends Dmitrij Jazunov  and Daniel Schruff.

I have several WIP projects as of now, you can learn about them HERE.


I have participate Ludum Dare gamejam events every time I get a chance. More information about Ludum Dare and my entries is available HERE.


One summer I learned 3D modeling for fun, below you can see some of the things I have made. It was a long time ago. Software Used: Cinema 4D.








Link to an animated video I have made. It’s nothing fancy, simple camera animation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2AflPHAkJU



Other Hobbies and Interests include: Woodworking, Metalworking, building custom furniture. Below you can see just a few projects I have made over the summer.









If you have read this far, then you must really be interested in learning more about me, so here is a summary of my life adventures:

I was born in Ukraine, to both my parents being from Ukraine, in the city of Nikolaev. My father was a Navy officer, in service of the Soviet Union Navy, he served on the Pacific Fleet and due to that, he moved from Nikolaev Ukraine to a city near Vladivostok in Russia, my mother moved with him, this happened when I was around 2 years old, I don’t remember any of it and as such, I don’t consider myself Ukranian because I lived my childhood entirely in Russia. At an age of about 6, my father moved to USA and lived here ever since. At an age of 13 I, together with my mother got a chance to move to USA as well, and we have been living here ever since. I lived in the USA for 10 years now, I have a dual citizenship with Russia and USA, however I did not keep my documents updated, so my Russian passport is long expired and it’ll take some paperwork and money to get my Russian passport again.

At an age of 14, while in Highschool, I started Muay Thai and it was a fun and engaging martial art, I learned a lot from it and appreciate the experience and knowledge. In school I took a very basic programming course and an HTML Web design course, those things combined made me interested in Programming and Computer Science in general.

At an age of 18 I started college, was a Deans List student at Kirkwood Community College, Iowa City, IA. Receiving good grades, taking fun classes and further exploring the field of Computer Science.

Couple of years later, I transferred over to University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Here I started working towards my Bachelors of Computer science.

My second semester, I tried to start Martial Arts again, while I still had time between the studying, I joined the University of Iowa Kumdo Club, Kumdo is a Korean origin Sword based Martial Art, it is very discipline and precision oriented, it was an amazing experience to learn it even if only for a semester. Following semesters I learned that neither my body or time schedule can handle doing Martial Arts.

As of now, I’m still a student at University of Iowa, pursuing my Bachelors Degree.

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